aparté, which is officially recognised as a public interest association, finances its activities, such as organising competitions and publishing monographs, thanks to:

  • the contributions of its members,
  • private donations,
  • occasional public or private grants and subsidies.


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Marika Andrès
Marie-Luce Collet
Paulette Denis
François Groeninck
Gerlinde Gschwendtner
Richard Manini
Maxime Morand
Frédérique Picker
Ghislaine Picker
Christiane Privat
Georgette Pugin
Danièle and Jean-Marie Pierre-Guy

If you would like to support the laureates, please contact  
info@art-emergent.ch.  A donation of 35 CHF (28 euros) covers the production cost for one copy of a monograph.

Honorary Members

Sir Richard Rodgers, London Architect of international recognition
Colette Barbier, Director of the Fondation des entreprises Ricard in Paris
Pascal Beausse, Jacqueline Burckhardt, Eric Corne, Emmanuel Latreille, Daniel Kurjakovic, Simon Lamunière, Curators of the aparté Award
Sascha Gianella support aparté.