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Séverin Guelpa

Energy as a vehicle
Text by Simon Lamunière
trilingual French / German / English traductions de Sascha Gianella/E et Katrin Saadé-Meyenberger/D
Grafic design Niels Wehrspann
aparté, august 2018
ISBN : 978-2-8399-2408-5
distributed by Les Presses du Réel

The first monograph of Séverin Guelpa brings together the artist’s entire body of work ofMatzaprojects to date, and includes an essay by curator Simon Lamunière.
A true ancestor of popular petition, thematzewas traditionally made from a piece of of wood torn from the trunk of a tree and brought from village to village in the upper Valais region (Switzerland) around the end of the 15th Century; its principal aim to mobilise local inhabitants around a common cause. If they rallied to the cause, they would plant a nail in its wood. By using thematzaas an object that links both resources and community, Séverin Guelpa replays ancient societal codes in the name of art.Matza Amboy,Matza AletschandMatza Kerkennahare all places bearing extreme conditions that have welcomed artists and interventions as organised by Guelpa, of which are highlighted by Simon Lamunière in the three sections that complete this book.

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Maxime Bondu
Glances in the reflecting surface of the rear-view mirror – Information, speculation and probability in Maxime Bondu’s work.
essay by Daniel Kurjakovi
trilingual French / German / English
graphic design : Yann le Floc’h
aparté, August 2016

ISBN : 978-2-8399-1865-7
distributed by Les Presses du Réel

“ The work of Maxime Bondu references heterogenous places and subjects, historical periods and scientific domains. His works do not develop conceptually from macro to micro and there is no attempt at generalisation. On the contrary, the works already possess very precise detail, itself insignificant, one that can be easily ignored, which outlines the paradoxes from a societal perspective. One could say that the artist attempts to reveal space and as it were, by means of a rear-vision mirror – irrespective of the implicit historical existence of the situation or the extent of the political, scientific or social contexts that they summon. In this way, his works represent the reflective surface of a rear-vision mirror whose slight convex form make visible with the widest angle possible that which has been before us. »

Daniel Kurjaković

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Donatella Bernardi : À la Poursuite d'une Hospitalité Illimitée  
essay by Jacqueline Burckhardtrilingual French / English / German graphic design Yann Le Floc'h
aparté, September 2014  
ISBN : 978-2-8399-1423-9  
distribued by Les Presses du Réel

"Donatella Bernardi's art primarily takes the shape of ephemeral installations, performative works and publications.
The media and format of her work is theme-oriented and site-specific. To date, she has produced very little that can be acquired or owned. She organiszes festivals, curates exhibitions and shoots films. She has been teaching at the Royal Institute for Art in Stockholm since 2010. Everything she does belongs to her artistic practice. All her thoughts and actions are governed by the critical gaze of the artist, being an artist means not being subject to working hours. Either you are one or you are not, and if you are an artist, then you are one entirely and unconditionally throughout every moment of every day. Art is the key to Donatella Bernardi's passionate research conducted in such terrain as popular culture, feminism, anthropology, history, colonialism, migration, taxonomy, religion or piracy." Jacqueline Burckhardt's in-depth essay explores the work of Donatella Bernardi with authority.
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Laurent Faulon : Life! Life! Life
essay by Pascal Beausse
bilingual French / English
graphic design Huz & Bosshard
aparté, February 2013
ISBN : 978-2-8399-1143-6
distributed by Les Presses du Réel

Well-known for his performances that criticise the subjection of the body, and for his analysis of consumerism and machines that upset the logic of this economy, Laurent Faulon is not an artist with a classic career path. His work cannot be merely summarised by a list of exhibitions that would legitimise it, instead, the artist himself legitimises the structures within which he is welcomed or invited. This is what we can ascertain from this monograph, summerised by Pascal Beausse and Pierre Tillet, and with numerous photographic representations of his work, which presents itself as a detailed chronology of  it also presents a chronology of the artists exhibitions, residencies and public commissions. 

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Geneviève Favre Petroff : Faire chanter l'image 
essay by Emmanuel Latreille 
bilingual French / English
graphic design Huz & Bosshard
Monografik éditions, November 2010 
ISBN : 978-2-360008-020-5
distribued by Les Presses du Réel

In her art school studio, Geneviève Favre, a student in painting, sings as she works. As the Stoics used to say, the voice makes the woman. All her works are guided by the voice she links to the image; it is the voice that forces the body to be visible, in action. Indeed, it is the representation of the self that is always at the centre of Geneviève Favre Petroff’s project. The duration of the performance corresponds to the energy that is seen and heard by the spectator until this strange sound and light become for him or her sound and dance; it is a dialectic between dark and light. This edition, which focuses on sung performances, is accompanied by the tracklisting in the enclosed CD. The order of the pieces provides structure to the editorial concept of the overall ensemble presented by Emmanuel Latreille, director of FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon in France. Beautiful reproductions, often on a double page, call out to the reader.

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Alexandre Joly : State of Non-Ordinary Reality
bilingual French / English
essay by Éric Corne
graphic design Claire Moreux and Olivier Huz
Monografik éditions, February 2009  
ISBN : 978-2-916545-85-1
distribued by Les Presses du Réel

Alexandre Joly revisits the “still life” genre with interventions that are both playful and morbid. To materialise fantasy, a specific game is created with the art of taxidermy, i.e., the arranging of skin. Alexandre Joly’s installations project the muted violence of being torn apart, of the cruel discovery of the world and its illusions. Immersed in the landscapes the artist has trekked since childhood, they are constantly exposed to his stare, as he reconstructs and deconstructs them through his work. Numerous drawings and reproductions of the artist’s installations interact with texts by Eric Corne and Donatella Bernardi, painter and critic.

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